The Empress
The Empress
The Empress
The Empress
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The Empress

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The Empress represents action, accomplishment, fulfilling potential, and solving problems with creativity. Each herb and oil selected for their spiritual properties in alignment with opening doors, increasing abundance, and bringing love and beauty into your life.

Our Spiritual Baths are used in purification and focusing intent; especially before rituals, workings, and meditations. Each ingredient is specifically chosen for their magickal and spiritual properties; they are blessed and curated to join with YOUR Magick.

This blend of organic herbs, essential oils, and healing salts can be combined with other ingredients that align with your intent, water, and or milk depending on your desired outcome.

We offer consultations if wish for us to customize this Blend!

Kit includes:

-8oz Bath Salt Blend

-3 Tea Light Candles

-Moonlight Charged Charm

-Herbal Tea Blend




-Gather Ingredients that Align with Your intent for the Spiritual Bath

-Fill a basin bowl with ingredients

-Offer prayers & gratitude while mixing the ingredients with your hands

-While standing in an empty Bath or Shower, place the basin at your feet and scoop the contents with your hands, pouring the spiritual bath over your entire body from the neck down

-Feel free to sing songs, repeat affirmations, pray and give gratitude that aligns with your intent

-You can rise off after the Spiritual Bath, or soak in the tub to relax


Contents in 8oz container

Ingredients: epsom salt, himalayan pink salt, dried rose petals, lemon balm herb, passion flower herb, marjoram essential oil, clary sage essential oil, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, lavender buds

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