Oregano Tincture
Oregano Tincture
Oregano Tincture
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Oregano Tincture

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4 Ways Oregano Tincture can Improve your Daily Routine

1. Helps boost immunity

Oregano is able to boost immunity because of its thymol and rosmarinic acid components. The two carry a lot of beneficial antioxidants which help reduce oxidative stress. Adding oregano tincture to your diet will help your body stay strong by building its immunity system.

2. Increase energy

Oregano will spike up your energy level, it helps in improving blood circulation attributed to by the iron component. This increases the oxygen levels in cells and tissues that enhance their functionality and increases energy levels.

3. It has antibacterial properties

The antibacterial properties of oregano are health benefits in that they help kill harmful bacteria to the body’s health. The two components rich in antibacterial properties are carvacrol and thymol that contain antimicrobials. The common types of bacteria oregano can protect you from are listeria and MRSA.

4. May Help lower cholesterol levels

Oregano herb helps lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the good cholesterol (HDL). This is often linked to the omega-3 content found in the herb that influences cholesterol levels. The Omega-3 is also important in boosting heart.


Read More: https://homeayurvedic.com/8-health-benefits-oregano-herb/

*Be sure to consult your licensed medical professional if you have any concerns about how your body may interact with herbal tinctures, if pregnant or breastfeeding; herbal tincture are not a substitution for your current prescribed medications
**Tinctures may be taken topically and orally; mixed with a beverage or directly in mouth. Do not use tincture in eyes or inhale through nose. Contains 1fl.oz

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