Spiritual Bath Kits

Our Spiritual Baths are used in purification and focusing intent; especially before rituals, workings, and meditations. Each ingredient is specifically chosen for their magickal and spiritual properties; they are blessed and curated to join with YOUR Magick, assisting while you Co-Create the life you want for yourself.

Elevate your self-care routine with our invigorating Spiritual Baths. Crafted with love, our blends of organic herbs, essential oils, and healing salts offer purification and focus for rituals, meditations, and daily intentions. Each ingredient is thoughtfully selected for its magical properties. Let us join your personal journey in manifesting the life you desire. Embrace the power within you at North Node Shop.

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Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine options available!

All Kits include:

-8oz Bath Salt Blend

-3 Tea Light Candles

-Palo Santo or White Sage

-Herbal Tea Blend

Join Our Monthly Subscription!

Joining our monthly subscription will keep you stocked up through the year with Spiritual Bath Kits to get you through each season. Never run out again!

Our Subscribers enjoy 8 EXCLUSIVE Spiritual Bath Salt Blends that are themed around the Wheel of The Year, Options/Instructions in using your kit before ritual, workings, and meditations, samples from other North Node Shop Collections, Smudging tools, and MORE!

Yule, Imbolic, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon, & Samhain