The Perfect Gift for The Modern Ritualist

Get the Perfect gift for your Modern Ritualist...

North Node Shop Box Sets are Crafted & Selected with Intention; named for Tarot Major Arcana, each box includes five (5) offerings, one from every North Node Shop Collection:

  • The Queen of Swords is all about Clear Thinking and Intellect. She is a fierce leader and takes charge with exactitude and understanding.  The Queen of Swords Box Set is all about Clarity!
  • The Queen of Cups is all about Compassion and Matters of the Heart. She is a gentle leader and takes charge with devotion and intuition.  The Queen of Cups Box Set is all about Self Love!
  • The King of Pentacles is all about Discipline and Wealth. He is an ambitious leader and takes charge with confidence and wisdom.  The King of Pentacles Box Set is all about Abundance! [Divine Masculine Energy]

Each Set Includes:

  • Tincture
  • Facial Serum
  • Loose Leaf Tea Blend
  • Florida Water
  • Spiritual Bath Salt

Holiday Shopping?

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