Tarot Card Pull for the Full Moon in Scorpio

Break out Your Tarot Deck and Let's Pull some cards for the Full Moon in Scorpio!
The Sign of Scorpio is Represented by the Death Card. 
Not to worry, the Death Card isn't as scary as it seems and often symbolizes the ending of a cycle, or a dormant period.
For this Tarot Spread, You will need the Death Card at the top of triad.
Take some time to meditate with this card, as you prepare yourself
to draw the next 2 cards.
Shuffle your deck while still focusing on the Death Card:
-Ask the 1st question in the Guide & Pull one card; place it on the Left
-Ask the 2nd question in the Guide & Pull a 2nd card and place it the Right
Now it is time to reveal your 1st card
If you want a deep dive into the cards you've chosen,
we suggest BiddyTarot.com as a great resource!

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