3 Things to Consider this New Moon in Aquarius

New Moons are all about a FRESH start; with Aquarius being ruled by Uranus, there are elements of innovation and expanded consciousness being adding into the mix. Here are three things to consider this New Moon in Aquarius as you plan out and prepare for rituals, meditations, and taking in this overall progressive energy the New Moon has to offer:

1. Over 6 Astral Bodies are in Aquarius right now! The last time this happened was the 1960s where people began to rise up collectively to achieve common goals. This is a time to share knowledge and information with others that will ultimately raise the collective vibration.

2. Mercury is in Retrograde- Fear not, and take a new approach to some old matters. This is a great time to back up anything you're working on, double check deadlines and alarms, and incorporate practices that increase your Clarity & Understanding. Thinking outside the box will help you to overcome some of those hurdles.

3. Remember to ask for Help- Aquarian energy can be isolating at times; with downloads and creative ideas flowing, slipping into feeling like an alien is definitely a possibility. Remember your contributions to the collective are important because they are unique, but also that you are still a member of the collective and that collaborative connections can lead to that breakthrough you've been looking for.

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