Mugwort Tincture
Mugwort Tincture
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Mugwort Tincture

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Mad about Mugwort

Here at North Node Shop, this is one of our personal favorites herbs because of the magical and spiritual properties; Also referred to as Wormwood, Mugwort can help with vivid and lucid dreaming, as well as traveling the astral plane.

[Pair this potent tincture with our Rosemary tincture to improve dream recall]

Mugwort can help with:

  • Boost Energy

  • Increase Vivid Dreaming

  • Increase Blood flow and circulation to the Liver

  • Insomnia

  • Depression & Anxiety

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*Be sure to consult your licensed medical professional if you have any concerns about how your body may interact with herbal tinctures, if pregnant or breastfeeding; herbal tincture are not a substitution for your current prescribed medications
**Tinctures may be taken topically and orally; mixed with a beverage or directly in mouth. Do not use tincture in eyes or inhale through nose. Contains 1fl.oz

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