The Sun

North Node Shop offers a Spiritual Bath Blend according to the Summer/ Winter Solstice & Vernal/ Autumnal Equinox!
The Sun card represents Vitality, Success, and Joie e Vivre!
This spiritual bath salt is crafted to welcome abundance and joy into your life with Dehydrated Cara Cara Orange slices, Mint, and Calendula.
Perfect for this Summer Solstice!
Kit includes:
-8oz Bath Salt Blend
-3 Tea Light Candles
-Moonlight Charged Charm
-Herbal Tea Blend
Contents in 8oz container

Simple Ingredients:
-Cara Cara Orange Slices
-Frankincense Essential Oil
-Sea & Epsom Salts

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, in terms of Sunlight... So we're curating products specifically for observing the Midsummer & Lithe Celebrations🎉

We will be going live for Sunday Funday Midsummer Edition• 20 June 21🥰

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